Seven Random Facts

Leave nothing to chance!

Last year a student in Division 16 looked up the meaning of random for us: it means lacking a plan or depending on chance. But in blogging it’s not wise to rely on chance to keep your identity safe. Take a look at my random facts below. In combination, they tell a lot about my life, but those facts don’t identify who I am, precisely where I live, when and where I do activities, or give that information about my friends or family.

So here are my 7 Random Facts:

  1. I am the eldest daughter of an eldest daughter of an eldest daughter (and my only daughter is also the eldest!)
  2. I love to make quilts.
  3. I have sailed around the world in a tall ship.
  4. I didn’t have any pets as a child, but now we have two Golden Retrievers named Luke and Solo.
  5. My favourite place in the world is Fernando de Noronha, an island off Brazil.
  6. I repeated Grade One, and didn’t learn to read until Grade Three.
  7. I can say “Your baby is beautiful!” in Swahili.

Your task:

Look at the random facts of these students  Sophie, Daniel W., and Haley. They have used a numbered list to organize their posts.

Write your own Seven Random Facts. As you write your own, think about covering a broad range of facts that your close friends and family would know about, but that don’t give away too much about you.You are writing a quality post, so proofread and get a second pair of eyes to review your work.


After you have written and posted yours, visit and comment on the 7 Random Facts of other Division 4 bloggers: notice surprises and connections–I bet you’ll find other bloggers whose random facts are similar to your own!

Image: Seven about to happen three different ways by fd  Creative Commons license


    1. Hi Ms. Paintner,
      I would love to claim the 7 Random Facts idea, but it seems to be a “meme” –an idea that spreads around the internet. It is a good way to tell about yourself without telling too much. Good luck with your young bloggers.

    1. Hi Mr. Pepper–we are Canucks, too! Check out our Where I Live pages to know more about our community of which the students are so proud. I left a note on your blog. Looking forward to your random facts.

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