Our blogs are hatching!

And like all new things, we will be a bit wobbly for a while. goldie_ap.

You’ll notice student blogs are popping up in our blogroll to the right. These are exciting times for Division 4! In the next week, students will give their blogs a name and a tagline, add a Clustrmap, and write their first posts. Some may even start their own blogrolls.

Right now all the blogs have the same theme, but this will change. Once students have grown some serious feathers, they will be ready to fly! (Yes, I know chickens can’t fly–but bloggers can!)

Come back soon to see how we have grown.


  1. This inspires me to start a blog for my kids and their parents. Since I teach Kindy, it’s not necessarily something the kids can do themselves, but the more I read the more I want to do this together with my Kindy kids!

    1. You’ll find it a rewarding experience for everyone. There are several teachers using scribes to help Kindergarten students blog.

  2. Hello classroom bloggers!

    We are a Grade 5 class from Hong Kong and we’re called the 5E Eagles. We’ve just created a links section on our Grade 5 class blog called “Our Global Community” 🙂

    We’re writing you today because we like your blog(s) and so we’ve added you to our Global Community list. We’ve either found you through Twitter, The EduBlog Challenge or because you’re already a contact of Ms. Cahusac.

    Come and check us out or look at some of the other classes which are listed.

    1. I really like the idea of having a “global blog list.” I will have to add this idea to my class blog—msprinkle.edublogs.org

      Mrs. Sprinkle

  3. Dear teacher,
    I think I read correctly that you teach history. Is this correct. I teach American history to 11-12 year olds. I love, love, love your class blog. I would like to allow students to have their own blog, but how did you start this with students. How do they decide what to post? Do you leave this completely up to the students? Or, do you give them topics? Do students use their own email accounts, or do you set them up with accounts? I can see some of my students doing really well with this. Others, not so much. But I think it would be difficult to manage 85+ student blogs. I am very impressed with your blog and with your student blogs, and I guess I just want some suggestions for allowing my students to have their own blog and how you manage ideas for their work outside of the history classroom. My class blog is found at msprinkle.edublogs.org

    Mrs. Sprinkle
    Virginia, USA

  4. Hello Ms Smith and students,
    We are Year 5/6 students from Victoria, Australia, and we have recently begun to visit your blogs. We especially love your class blog, and the photos you have been using. We are new to blogging, and just beginning to develop our commenting skills. You may like to visit our blogs sometime! Keep up the great work.
    Mr B and 5/6B

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