Shoreline Cleanup

We contribute.

shoreline splendorI mean that in two ways.

We contribute to the problem.

And we contribute to the solution.

Our class and school will be heading to the beach this week to gather garbage left there or washed ashore.

Huzzahnians, how do you think you contribute? Is there a problem? If so, what might be the solution? What advice do you have for people in our community and elsewhere?

Image: Shoreline Splendor by Chicago Man


  1. Hi Ms. Smith. Did you take this picture? If so what beach did you take this picture at? Do you think the red thing is a ball? Did you know one person in one year uses so much garbage!

    1. Hi Mark,
      Actually, the picture comes from a site called Flickr where people share their photos. they give people permission, within rules, to use their images. Look at the link under the photo to see the original. Thanks for asking such a perceptive question.

  2. Garbage,Garbage,Garbage why does it end always up in the most beautiful places? Whyith thou end up in thou most beautiful places?!(Grammer by Willum Shakespear)

    1. You are a friend of the Bard of Avon! I wonder if there was a lot of pollution in those days–no plastics, but maybe other nasty things?

  3. Hey Ms.Smith,
    I think that I have a solution to the problem on the Beach, I think that who ever goes to the beach should pick up any garbage that they see. For the beach there should be a garbage can on each end, and(or) all over like at the parking space and for beaches that you have to walk to then there should be a garbage can on the trail about half way through.

      1. Hey Ms.Smith how have you been?
        I will be sure to show my parents this website.

        My time at the beach was cool and I really am glad that the classes help clean up the beach.
        Did you know that I found a needle and a little bit of Alcohol and I didnt think that was very good.
        Well I will webmail you over the weakend.
        If I had one wish for the environment it would be . . . no LITTERING!

  4. People should put their garbage in their pocket until they find a garbage can. All the garbage in the world wound not be picked up but it would make a diffrence.

    1. That would make a big difference, Rebekah. I remember hiking with my dad as a kid and we always took bags with us to clean up garbage. His motto was, “leave it better than you found it”.

    1. I would agree, having seen some pretty polluted beaches in my travels. Sometimes the big issue is not the stuff on the shore but the changes in the water’s chemistry that cause the biggest problems.

  5. I think the problem is there are too many people that just don’t care about the enviroment. A solution is to raise awarness of how dirty BC is getting.

  6. Hi Ms.Smith. I think that I contribute by putting my garbage in a garbage can and recycle recycleables, and if I find some garbage lying around, I will pick it up because it is harmful to the enviorment. Bye!

  7. Wow Ms.Smith I cant wait to help clean up the ocean

    I wish people didnt liter. Somtimes I cant even swim the ocean at some beaches because there cans and some times even gross food.

    Theres been less seagulls cause of those plastic pop things that choke them

    The way I think we should contribute is to clean all the garbage off the beach and plastic food wrappers and plastic pop things and all the litter.

    Thats how I think we should contribute.

    1. I can tell you feel strongly, and that you want to make a difference, Tyrone. Your positive energy will make a big difference.

  8. Hey Ms.Smith, I think that if you want to clean the earth we should recycle more and not throw everything in the garbage.:) We should also think about re using more things like we could use boxes to store stuff in and instead of throwing away old clothes that don’t fit and more you can give it to the salvation army, or something. We should also NOT litter! Because that picture is gross! 🙂

    1. Well said, Savannah. The interesting thing is that the garbage in the picture is just the stuff that floats. Think of all the garbage that sinks!

  9. Hi, Ms Smith. I think we should have more garbage can and recyle cans around the beach. A solution is to re use more offtend so we don’t end up throwing all the garbage in the water. 🙂

    1. I wonder how much garbage blows in off the road? I think remembering to take your food containers home whereever you are would help.

  10. Hi Ms Smith I think its wrong for people to litter on the beach or enywear. I thnik its great where goiong to clean the beach,as we do evry year.(7)

  11. Hi Ms Smith

    I think that I contribute by not littering the beachs and telling other people to not litter it too. Yes, there is a problem and I think the solution is to put bins on the beachs. My advice is that people should not litter.


    1. Priya, I know that it takes courage to tell people to change their habits. It’s important to encourage people to be their best.

  12. I think the problem is that some people are just too lazy to find a garabge can and put the garbage in it. I think if you are to lazy to find the garabge you should just keep it in your pocket in till you see one and if you litter you are just being stuipd. When I litter by acidennt like when I garabe falls on the ground I turn around and pick it up because that is the smart thing to do.

  13. Hi Ms Smith,
    I think we contribute by littering on the beaches and when we throw garbage into the fire pit’s. I think we can reduce the problem by taking the garbage home that we bring to the beach.
    That’s all for now.


  14. Hi Ms Smith

    I think I contribute by not littering the beachs and telling other people to not litter it too. Yes there is a problem and the solution is to put bins on the beachs and to put “DO NOT LITTER” signs. My advice to everyone is do not litter.


    1. Being a good example and having the courage to remind people directly (with a smile) goes a long way to creating a community of people who care. Thank you for the reminder, Priya.

  15. Dear Ms Smith,
    I think its great that you make posts about this sort of thing! Every year I do a shoreline clean-up (or a school yard clean-up!) and every year our class has picked up a lot of garbage! I think we all know that we are part of the problem by littering! I think its great that we help the plant with the shoreline clean-up!

  16. Hi Ms.Smith were is that picture from? Did you take it?
    I think we contribute by not putting garbage in the garbage cans and being careless. I think that everyone
    should be aware of where they throw there garbage and be more considerate of the envinroment.

    1. Good points, Cassidy. I like the word “considerate”. It means you are thinking and feeling at the same time. The picture is from Flickr, and the link is under the picture. See my reply to Mark.

  17. Hi, Ms. Smith and class

    Greetings from Penticton. I am a Grade 5 teacher who is learning to use blogs. I am impressed at your class postings. I hope my class can do as good a job.

    Mr. Smuin

    1. Hi Mr. Smuin! I hope you and your students find great joy in blogging, as well as a community of friends. Please leave us the url of your blogs and we can stay in touch.

  18. Hello students,

    My students have been really appreciating your class blog as well as taking a peak at your new blogs,as we begin our own. We have been able to learn so much from your thoughtful posts and “About Me” pages. We are wondering if you would feel it might be a compliment to your class if we were to also try the 7 random facts idea for our “about me” pages? Or might you feel too much like we’re copying your blog? Let us know what your thoughts are? Our blogs are just getting under way at: We love that you’ve inlcuded thoughtful writing, which we can see you’ve taken the time to revise and edit for your readers. We’re still learning about setting up blogs and have just begun the process of setting up our first page on our individual blogs. If you have any tips or suggestions for our students we’d appreciate if would consider making a reply on our blogs too. We’re looking forward to visiting and revisiting your blogs at Huzzah as they develop and “hatch!” Happy Blogging!
    Mrs. Jocelyn Bystrom
    Courtenay Elementary School

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