1. Fall is my favourite season! I’ve experienced fall in Vancouver, Prince George, the Okanagan and in southern Ontario. In each place it is a little different. In all those places I love the crisp mornings, beautiful colours from the last of summer’s flowers and the turning autumn leaves, as well as how the sunlight has a golden quality.

  2. Hi Claire,
    I know what you mean about the crisp mornings: today the air is bright and alive with sunshine, but cool, too. Here on the Island many of our mornings are grey and rainy in the fall, so days like this are pretty special.

  3. Ah winter the nicest season. Winter is my favorite season because it is peacful and fun. I love Christmas morning in the winter. I play in the snow all day and open presents of course 🙂

    Bye Ms Smith :

  4. I love all seasons because I like the leaves in fall… the rain in spring… The sun in summer and the snow in winter they are all fun so I dont really have a favourite…

  5. Dear Mrs Smith,
    I definitly am torn between all of the seasons because in Winter the snow is so pretty, but in spring they have beautiful flowers! Also in Summer the heat feels so good and in Fall the air is so fresh!

  6. Hi Ms.Smith,my favourite season is spring because that’s when my birthday is. I also like winter because that’s when Christmas is. I love waking up in the morning and opening up gifts. How often do we get to do this? Anyways, those are my favourite seasons. Bye!

    1. hHi Riley, to answer your question we will be blogging throughout the year. You will be able to blog both from home and at school.
      I like Spring for the freshness after a grey winter. My birthday is in the spring, too!

  7. My favorite season is Summer is because I like to get a tan and go swimming at the lake and river. Also every Summer I go to the PNE in Vancouver and my favorite ride is the wooden rollercoaster. Also my family, friends and I always go on my boat to Tree Island and Tribune Bay for a couple days. I think my favorite place to go in the summer is Tribune Bay, the water is like tropical and it’s crystal clear with really white sand, the waters always warm too. I love summer!

    1. I must admit, Tribune Bay is one of my all-time favourite places: I just love that sand, and the beautiful rocks. I love heat!

  8. My favorite season is summer because I can go swimmung in the lake and go camping. I also like going in the boat. When I go boating with my family we all have fun! 🙂

    1. We do a lot of camping in the summer too, Easton. We like Morton Lake and seeing the family of loons there every year. Boating, kayaking, sailing… it’s good to be on the water.

  9. Hi, Ms.Smith
    My favourite season is summer because it is hot so that means the waters warm so I like swimming in the river. My birthday is in summer too. bye.

  10. I like all sesons but my favorite is winter because I like playing in the snow and it is fun to pelt my dog and sister with snow balls.I also like sleding in winter.I also like winter because of Christmas.

  11. Hi Ms. Smith

    I like every season so I don’t have a favourite. Summer the best for swimming, Fall is good for sports, since it’s not to cold and not to warm. Winter of course is when the ski hills are open. Spring is also the season of sports, and since I like every single one of those sports, I like every season!

  12. Spring because I go to Colorado (to ski) for the break!
    The snow there is two or three feet deep and the ice is six feet high it’s amazing! Whats your favourite season?

  13. Mrs.Smith I like winter the best because I like to go up the moutain and ski and snowboard. I also like summer because I love to swim and jump off cliffs. This year I went to Oyster River a lot it has lots of cliffs to jump off of.

  14. My favourite season is winter because the snow plow always puts a lot of snow right in front of our house so then we dig out the inside and then we sit in it and play.What’s your favourite season?

  15. Hi Ms. Smith my favorite season is fall because when my Mom rakes the leaves just to bug her I jump in the leaf pile and they go everywhere! It’s funny.

    bye for now*


  16. Hi Ms Smith

    My favorite season is summer because it’s hot and you can go to the beach, play a lot of sports and it is also my birhday.


  17. The crackle of fallen leaves under my feet is one of my favourite sounds. My favourite season is fall it’s so fun to rake leaves into a pile then jump into them and to play outside in the rain.I also like walking down the trail by my house after it rain’s because some times it floods.

  18. I like summer because you get to eat extra ice cream!
    I think winter is cool because I like Christmas and snow. Spring and fall have pretty colours.

  19. Hi! I did’nt know you could do that sort of thing! My favorite season is winter because it’s scating season. And because of comfort food.

    1. My favourite comfort food in winter is oatmeal with dried cranberries–how about you? do you skate on the canal? (I did–in the last century!)

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