Our Div.16 Girls!

Hi! It’s Chaeyoon who loves to draw!

That picture, below, I drew that. It was hard to draw it.

One day, I was drew character at recess time. Then my friend Sophie asked me, “Can you draw me like that?” So I drew this picture at Saturday morning. But there was one problem. I knew there are nine girls in our class, but it’s really hard to draw without their picture. Maybe it’s hard to draw with their pictures, but it’s even more difficult to draw without them. So I had to think about what are they looks like for 1 hour…

Now I have to do one of the boys There are 18 of them!

My real post is at my blog My Drawing Life’s “The Girls of our class


  1. Hi Chaeyoon!

    Wow, what an amazing portrait of the girls of division 16! I have to say that you did a great job on the shading too! At first when I looked at the picture I didn’t look at the names and I could immediately tell which ones were who! How long have you been practicing drawing for? By the pictures you draw in class I am guessing a long long time!

    Keep up the great work Chaeyoon, I hope to see some more of your works of art soon! Great post, I’ll comment again soon!

  2. WOW!!!
    That is a really good portrait, Chaeyoon! It must’ve taken for ever to draw! Well, for me it would take for ever to draw!

  3. OH MY GOSH CHAEYOON!!!!! Thats so amazing! It looks so realistic! and you got the heights just right and the hair on everyone is perfect. its jsut so…AWSOME!!! you are the best drawer I know and some of the people I know are pretty good drawers but you beat them all by a long shot. congradulations on your amazing work!

  4. Chaeyoon, wow. I am speechless! I see you draw alot in class, but, all I can say is… wow! I mean, I could NEVER draw liek you! Wow, wow, wow!!

  5. This is beautiful, Chaeyoon! You are a real artist, no doubt.
    This evening, I’ve been scanning some drawings of my student Luana, but her post is still waiting for St. Valentine’s Day, so, meanwhile, I’ll show your wonderful work to her.
    stora Ines

  6. Hi,
    My kids say that we are the best class in New Zealand- but I doubt that sometimes! They are cheeky and loud and a bunch of 11 to 13 year olds in a city called Palmerston North. We would love to be blog mates. Our site is seniorsonline.edublogs.org
    Please post a comment on our site to tell us what you think. 🙂

  7. Wow,
    Your an amazing artist. I could never sit there for an hour trying to draw a picture of my friends. I would get so impatient.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Your picture was super! You must like drawing very much. I’m not good in art but I know that you are very good and you must want to be an artist some day! 😀

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