(Temporary) Winter Wonderland

Well, it didn’t last.

(Spoke too soon: 24 hours later–now have 15cm of new snow!)

We are back to green grass and snow-free skies. But that’s ok, because we can see the snow accumulation on the mountains (where it belongs!). While it was here we enjoyed it. We dashed around the soccer field and then came in and wrote poems. Look for the results on student blogs soon. And enjoy our first snow of 2008 in the video below.


  1. Just watching your video made me want to go and get wrapped up in many layers of clothing. BBBRRRRR!!!!

    WWWHOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH some warm air from Tasmania to get rid of the winter blues …..

  2. Maybe you’ll get that snow day after all! I wish we had snow – it’s minus thirteen without the wind chill and the north wind is howling! It’s soooo cold, but without snow it doesn’t look very wintery!

    BTW – Love the Animoto video!

  3. @ Miss W:
    We haven’t hit the winter blues yet–they usually come from too much grey, not too much white!

    @Hi Errin, doesn’t look good for the snow day as crews have had time to clear the roads. I’m glad though: we have lots of fun stuff planned for next week, so would hate to miss any of it. I bet you’ll get your snow before Christmas…

  4. I’m one of the teachers of the students who commented on your blog on Friday. Check our blog at the address on the side. Our weather is much different than yours today.

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