What are you all ABOUT?

Readers arrive with questions:

Who is this writer? What are his interests? What is her personality like? Do we have anything in common?

Your “About” page might just be the first place a reader goes to find out.

Your blog is a reflection of your personality.

Miss Wyatt’s post gives some directions and examples of ways to write your “About” page. We have already reviewed the advice to be “internet savy” by making wise decisions about our writing and blog content.

Your “About” page shows your voice: who and what you feel strongly about, your sense of humour, your passion and compassion–what drives you.

Look at the draft of your “About” page. What one word most captures who you are?

Image: Questions by oberazzi,  Creative Commons license.


  1. I think the word that most describes me best in my about post is the word fun because I love to do things that are active, up-beat and I love to laugh with my friends. If anything is going on if its fun I will be there.

  2. The word that most describes me in my about page would have to be observant because lots of people always ask why I’m staring at something random like a seed, and I would say “I’m observing.”

  3. The one word that captures who I am the most is probably “piano” because I love it so much and it is what I do with any free time I get.

  4. The word that most describes me in my about page draft is soccer. The reason this word describes me the best is because when ever I have any spare time I’ll play soccer and whenever there is a chance to get involved in a soccer club or team I’ll take it!

  5. The word that most captures who I am would probably be music because music is what I listen to when I’m in the car, at home or at a friends house I’m almost always listening to music.

  6. The word that most shows my personality is imagination. I love it, your imagination is so cool. I use my imagination all the time, that word will be on my “About” page a lot. It describes me most because I use my imagination a lot because it is so fun.

  7. I think that the word that describes me in my draft the most is games because I really like playing them and finding new abilities and stuff like cheatcodes.

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my grade one children’s blogs. You did a wonderful job of modeling what good commenting is all about. They haven’t yet learned how to comment, but when they do, I hope they will remember the comments you left them as examples. You are off to a great start blogging. Have a wonderful journey!

  9. Hi there,
    I thought I would take time to read some posts on your blog and I think they are very interesting and well written. Good luck with your blogging challenge. The children in my class in the Uk enjoyed reading your about me comments well done!

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